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USA ENVIRONMENTAL is a company specialized in product, technology and anti-fraud development and services related to home public utilities of water and sewage system, electricity, natural gas and garbage collection.

We participate in the development of activities related to the preservation of the environment and life.

We carry out researches and development of innovative technologies for controlling losses and loan recoveries for utilities companies.


USA ENVIRONMENTAL seeks to meet the needs of all customers by offering products and services that exceed their expectations, maintaining and continuously improving.

This compromise has been reached with the support of qualified personnel, the development of reliable processes, continuous improvement and compliance with legal requirements.

We have experts in the areas of Civil, Environmental, Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical engineering, expert  technicians in meter reading, bill delivery, suspension and reconnection of utilities, geophony and installation of networks and operators of construction equipment, network installation, GPR, diagnosis and others.



USA ENVIRONMENTAL in 2015 will be positioned as the global leader company in innovation and development of anti-fraud systems for utilities, thus achieving total customer satisfaction, supported by its human resources and research of new technologies.

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